Angela Soffe

Angela Soffe

Angela just released her new single “Rocks.”

“​This song was written while sitting on a mattress on the floor one evening, in the aftermath of leaving a religion. The song is about feeling judged on a personal level, and the judgement we each carry around for humanity as a whole. It calls for social change and greater acceptance for the people who share our planet.​” – Angela Soffe on “Rocks”

 “I’m an artist from Mormon polygamist ancestry that recently left the church after 30+ years, and wrote my latest album about it.”

Half of her childhood was spent on a sailboat in the South China Sea where she was raised in the Philippines, with an American father and Argentine-born mother. She grew up speaking English, Spanish, and Tagalog, surrounded by Filipino and international friends. Her family were devoutly religious Mormons.

Angela found joy and an outlet for her songwriting after ​stepping away from the religion and establishing healthy mental health habits to create a life of purpose and meaning. Today, Angela is a galvanizing speaker, and soulfully rousing musical artist, sharing an uplifting story of recovery after facing rejection from her community.  Her first Single “Rocks” is a powerful story about her courageous journey.

Angela has “a loud and clear message that stems from my own story: you don’t need to let abuse hold you down and steal your joy. Feel the pain, cry, then get up and enjoy the rest of the amazing life you have to live. Go get what you want and make it happen because you have something incredible to give to the rest of humanity. Don’t let the resentment and fear stop you.”

She worked as a journalist for CNN for a time, wrote scripts for Marie Osmond’s radio show, and still freelances, while running a small music studio where she teaches piano and voice.  In short, she is a woman with incredible knowledge to share.



Her video is just beautiful.



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