Syrena Nicole

Syrena Nicole

At just 20, Syrena already is a seasoned performer whose pedigree includes being a world-class belly dancer, a fire eater, a snake charmer, and doing singing telegrams. Her pop vision is cinematic and empowering, and is alchemized from her background, informed by her fast-paced NYC upbringing, and her diverse musical tastes.  Syrena upholds the lineage of culture-rattling female pop stars who weld bold out-of-the-box creativity that imbues their sound, look, and essence—artists such as Björk, Lana Del Rey, Kate Bush, and Lady Gaga.

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Her tracks boast rugged beats, textures that span smooth electronic ambience to industrial harshness, and lyrics that are as sage as they are sensual. She announces her pop ascension with the smoldering debut single, “Diamonds In My Head,” co-written by NYC based production team GOODECMPNY (David Maurice and New Work).


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